October 31st, 2017 – Update


SEIU Healthcare ended negotiations after one day of mediation. The OHA continues to table major concessions as a condition of reaching agreement.

Your union continues to refuse to negotiate concessions of any kind, and to demand fair wage increases which respect the contribution our members make to the healthcare system.

We are here to improve on members working conditions and will never agree to take a step backwards. Interest arbitration is scheduled for February 27, 2018.

Did you Know?

  • Legislation prevents hospital workers from striking because the work you do is deemed an essential service.
  • Instead, the Hospital Labour Dispute Arbitration Act (HLDAA) provides for binding interest arbitration. This is a process which involves each side making a presentation to a board of arbitrators, and that board will decide what to award.
  • The Board’s purpose is to replicate the result that would have occurred if workers had the right to strike, and HLDAA provides criteria which must be followed.
  • The parties only resort to this process if they cannot achieve an agreement through their own bargaining efforts, like a strike is only resorted to when bargaining efforts fail.