About Join the MajorityWe are a union of more than 57,000 healthcare workers and our job is to protect, guide and support our members, to improve their quality of work and job security. We fight for you in bad times, and help you grow in good times.

We’ve been changing the lives of healthcare workers since 1944, and we know exactly what you go through at work as well as the pressures and injustices you face.
We know how easy it can be to feel isolated and alone but we help put you in control with your employer! We provide you with the backing and safety to make your voice heard and your collective power respected.

Our members work in long-term care, home and community care, as well as hospitals throughout Ontario. Our first priority is to give you the backing and guidance you need to create long-term changes that will ensure you are recognized and valued at your workplace.

We dedicate a lot of time to making our members' issues a priority for politicians. We work in partnership with the government and the community to find effective solutions for the healthcare workers we represent.

We are YOUR Healthcare Union!