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Laura Morton

Laura MortonMy name is Laura Morton and I have been involved in the union movement for the past 13 years. I started working at a grocery store when I was 14, I’ve lived the union difference and experienced the benefits when I was unjustly terminated. I was a union steward and was elected to two rounds of negotiations as part of this role. I know firsthand what it’s like to grow up in a working-class household and how important having a stable job with pension and benefits is to individuals and families. One of the things I aim for by working for SEIU is to make sure that all healthcare workers will have stable jobs, earn a living wage, get the benefits they deserve and enjoy their time outside of work.

Sara Mitchell

Sara MitchellMy name is Sara Mitchell and I am a union organizer with SEIU Healthcare. A large part of my childhood was spent participating in the labour movement. After getting laid off from GM when his plant closed, my Dad became a rep within his union and brought me along for the ride. I was attending negotiation meetings, grievance arbitrations and picket lines before I could walk and was exposed to the terrible things that corporations and employers can do to hard-working people at an early age. These experiences prompted me to get my degree in labour studies, and now as an organizer I can help others find the strength to stand up for what they deserve.